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SFU Mobile

SFU Mobile is cohort based, multidisciplinary course. It is co-taught by Faculty from Business, Computing Science and Interactive Arts and Technology. SFU Mobile emphasizes on product development, delivering road maps, concept demonstrations, and business plans.

Project Brief

Prior to the product development, the SIAT students designed a participatory workshop to generate ideas for the projects. The idea was to use these data to compare with research that the Business students had conducted.


As a member of the design team, I was tasked to design the survey questions and to facilitate the Mind Map exercise. There are two objectives:

  1. To examine the effect of mobile devices being integrated into students’ lives
  2. To learn how students define mobile learning

The design team was given one week to prepare for the workshop. Prior to designing the workshop, the team held a kickoff meeting. The meeting included:

  • Defining the objectives of the workshop
  • Discussion on the logistics and dividing the associated tasks among the team
  • Creating a timeline for the required tasks that needed to be completed

The design of each workshop activity was to ensure every participants could tell their story. The challenge here was to make every participant felt comfortable enough to speak publicly in order to share their personal experience. Hence, the team put a lot of effort in designing the order of activities, the questions that were being asked, and the type of activities.



Outcomes from this workshop was later used to drive development of personas and journey frameworks.

Billy So in collaboration with Stanley Lai, Justin Ma, Gracelle Mesina, Norman Tam, Aldrich Tan, and Bradley Sutherlan

  • interaction design
  • persona
  • user journeys

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