Coastal Contacts App Concept

Coastal Contacts App Concept

Project Brief

Coastal Contacts (now known as Clearly) wanted to create a highly personalized experience to serve the existing customers. The app is intended to serve our most loyal customers by creating a unique experience that offers both entertainment and utility.

The user experience team also wanted to leverage the mobile specific functionalities, such as GPS, to enhance the customer’s experience with Coastal Contacts.


As the UX designer, I was tasked to lead this project. There are three business objectives:

  1. To provide a highly personalized shopping experience
  2. To educate our customers about eye-health and provide tips that they can utilize
  3. To simplify the contact lenses order process

Prior to the design, I have met with the key stakeholders to gather ideas and business requirements. The stakeholders include the vice presidents from marketing, online sales, as well as the country managers.

I presented the summary of the meetings to the key stakeholders so that our goals of the app were aligned. The key features were translated into the stated objectives.


To validate the features, I have used the User Journey framework that I have created.

Sample User Journey*The detail is blurred out due to NDA.*

Key workflows are created to document all the required pages. This is used to facilitate the communication with the business analysts to ensure the requirements are met and the workflows are seamless.

Here is a sample of the workflow.


As stated in the project brief, the app aimed to offer both entertainment and utility. The menu of the app is inspired by a phoropter. It is an eye exam device that you will encounter when you visit an optometrist. The goal is to provide a fun, engaging experience to our users

One of the utility features is to allow users to enter their contact lens prescription by scanning the barcode of the box. The speed of scanning is largely dependent on the camera’s quality and the processing power.

In order to minimize the awkwardness of having the users move around the smartphone to adjust, I have proposed using a new interaction which is “swipe to scan”. Having the user to perform the action will require users to hold the phone with two hands which will help stabilize the camera. Also, this will provide more time for the camera to adjust for the scanned area.


The concept of the app had been approved by the key stakeholders. However, an unexpected merger had put this app on hold and I had since left Coastal Contacts.

Due to NDA, the details of the app will only be available upon request.

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Billy So in collaboration with Topp Brocales.

  • interaction design
  • interface design
  • user flows
  • user journeys

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